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preserving rare clips for everyone eager to know about Mahatma Gandhi's dedicated life for human beings...

Gandhi Films Foundation

Many unknown cameramen in this world have shot these important events of freedom struggle and different parts of Gandhi's life at that time with many difficulties which made it possible for us to obtain these rare clips under one roof and present to the future generation through our website. Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, New Delhi have obtained all these clippings and Gandhi Films Foundation preserving these rare clips for the students, researchers and for everyone interested in Mahatma Gandhi and eager to know about his dedicated life for human beings.

Important events of Freedom Struggle

Video Clips of Birth of Satyagraha, Emergence of Gandhi, The Epic March, England Tour, Village-Reconstruction, Martyrdom...

spread message of Peace & Non-violence

If you want to use these rare and valuable clips to spread Gandhi's message of Peace & Non-violence; we will be happy to present it...

Rare and Valuable Clips of Gandhiji

Gandhi National Memorial Fund decided to create live memorials of Gandhiji instead of erecting his statues...

Presenting History for the future generation

Preserving material with scientifically using modern equipments, protecting from deterioration and make it available to the future...

Aims and Objectives


To perpetuate the memories of Mahatma Gandhi with the active participation of the common man in India.


To create live memorials of Gandhiji instead of erecting his statues and thus created 48 institutions spread over all Indian states.


Preservation of the Gandhi Film material, scientifically using up-to-date modern equipments, protect it from deterioration and make it available to the future film producers.


  • Gandhi's philosophy expostulated in his own words on various topics viz. Truth, Peace, Fearlessness, Love, Nonviolence, Vegetarianism...

    "I have nothing new to say... the principles of truth and nonviolence are as old as the hills", Mahatma wrote. These words derived their strength from the life of Mahatma who epitomized these values. Mahatma's struggle was not against any individual but against the system of oppression. Great work being done by Gandhi Films Foundation giving us opportunity to see the life which is core essence of humanity! John Kempesky, US
  • Mahatma Gandhi is remembered in the world for four major virtues. They are non-violence, truth, love and fraternity. By applying these four virtues he brought freedom to India. Gandhiji was a spiritual man wjp spiritualised the politics.

    Hats off to Gandhi Films Foundation for preserving this treasure of the moments of true Reformer for our and forthcoming generations! Their work is in real sense commendable one!Aparna Ghosh, India


Preserving and Presenting History for the future generation

  • Foundation

    To perpetuate the memories of Mahatma Gandhi, the then Indian national leaders, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dadasaheb Mavalankar and other 20members, with the active participation of the common man in India, founded an organization "Gandhi National Memorial Fund" in Delhi in the year Jan 1950.

  • Appeal

    Shri Devdas Gandhi, the then vice-chairman of the Gandhi National Memorial Fund and the chairman of the Gandhi Films committee made an appeal to the world public on behalf of the Gandhi National Memorial Fund to donate Gandhi Film material they have, to Gandhi National Memorial Fund for its preservation.

  • Collection

    In response to the appeal made the material started pouring in from all over. The donors gave the material with all rights and proprietary. Gandhi National Memorial Fund had to purchase some material by paying cash money to those who did not want to give their material free. Thus the Gandhi Films Committee acquired huge collection of Gandhi Film material in its possession.

  • "Mahatma"

    In the year 1969, on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi birth centenary, using the material so collected a biographical documentary film "Mahatma" was produced. 'Mahatma' was screened through out the world which was acclaimed every where. In the year 1983-84 the erstwhile Gandhi Films Committee was made autonomous registering it under the new name Gandhi Films Foundation.

  • Gandhiji's thoughts God's Blessings

    My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.

  • Gandhiji's thoughts Seven Deadly Sins

    Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Science without humanity; Knowledge without character; Politics without principle; Commerce without morality; Worship without sacrifice.

  • Gandhiji's thoughts Happiness

    Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Unique Videos of Gandhiji

In order to convey the thoughts & the philosophy of Gandhi to the last Indian, We intend to keep on producing & exhibiting small documentaries and educational films regularly.

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Creating live memorials of Gandhiji instead of erecting his statues


  • A
    In the present world the film media is a very powerful instrument to approach the masses and enlighten them on various subjects of life and living. Through this media we can Meet hundreds of thousand people from different walks of life at a time and touch their Hearts convincing them of our view – point.
    To procure and preserve the filmic material on Gandhi for prosperity and to produce Films on Gandhi, Gandhian ideals and teachings and to propagate them throughout the world the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi started the Gandhi Films Foundation in the year 1982 as one of its activities having its main office at Bombay, functioning with a paid staff consisting of technical and Administrative personnel.
  • B
    One of the main objects of the Gandhi Films Foundation was to collect the filmic material on Gandhi from the different parts of the world and produce a biographical documentary from that material. Gandhi Films Foundation has successfully produced an epic film Mahatma on the life and works of Gandhiji during the Gandhi birth centenary year: 1968-69. The film since then has been shown throughout the length and breadth of the country and to some extent abroad also. Besides the film Mahatma the Gandhi Films Foundation has produced a few other films on Gandhian teachings and efforts are being made to screen them. This is not an end in itself. In order to convey the thoughts and the philosophy of Gandhi to the last Indian, the Gandhi Films Foundation intends to keep on producing and exhibiting small documentaries and educational films of 10 to 12 minutes duration regularly according to the changing times.
  • C
    We are happy to present the English, Hindustani, Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam, Kannada and the Bengali versions of the film.
    Great attention had been paid to those books read by Gandhi which influenced his thought and some of his important writings. The remaining thirty-three years of his life from 1915 to January 30, 1948 have been covered in the remaining twenty-seven reels which also depict important facets of the history of India's freedom struggle. Thus the film is perhaps one of the longest biographical documentaries of the world.

People Behind...

Mr. Subhash Jaykar

Founder of Gandhi Films Foundation

Mr. Nitin Potdar

Chairman of Gandhi Films Foundation
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CDs for Sale

140 Minutes Historical Documentary on Gandhi's Life & Works

A set of Two VCDs

Documentary on Gandhi's Life

Price: Rs.325/- (US$ 8) per Set

This CD contains Documentary Film on Gandhiji's Life ( 1869 to 1948) , 140 minutes of film footage with Gandhi's voice.

The main features include :

  •           Gandhi's Childhood
  •           Life in South Africa and Non-violent Movements
  •           Life in India - Early Phase
  •           Life in Sabarmati Ashram
  •           Famous Dandi March - Salt Satyagraha 1930
  •           Participations in Congress Conferences
  •           Gandhi's Constructive Work
  •           Quit India Movement ( 1942 )
  •           Last phase

Price: Rs.325/- per Set of two VCDs (Rs. 50 Extra for Postal Charges in India)

or US $ 8.00 ( Shipping and Forwarding US $ 7.00 Extra ) (Total US $ 15.00)


Demand Draft of Rs.375/- to be sent to:
Gandhi Films Foundation
19, Laburnum Road, Gamdevi, Bombay 400007 India
Tel: 91-22-2380 4681
Kindly Email us at:
when bank draft sent by post.

Outside India

Outside India - Bank Check for US $ 15.00
(inclusive Shipping and Forwarding)
drawn in favor of
"Gandhi Films Foundation" payable at Bombay, India.

Kindly Email us at: when bank draft sent by post.
On realizing your Bank draft / Check, you can expect to receive the VCDs within 15 days by Airmail / Seamail.

140 Minutes of the Life which is Message itself

Historical Documentary of Treasured Life...

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The purpose of this site is to bridge a gap between the rare clips of Gandhiji and Gandhiji followers who are keen in getting and utlizing the rare video clips of Gandhiji...

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Mr. Subhash Jaykar, Director
Gandhi Films Foundation
Mani Bhavan, 19 Laburnum Road,
Gamdevi, Mumbai - 400 007, MH, India.

Telephone:+91 22 2380 4681


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